Discover your Best self

I’m here to support and lift others so they can discover how to have a meaningful and inspiring life.

"I Love to Help People Feel Great"

Work Through Issues

Identify issues, brainstorm, talk it through and come up with an action plan.

Build Confidence

Examine what is preventing you from having the confidence to succeed.

Find your Path

Explore your unique path or find a new one.

Learn about who you are to find your joy in life.

Discover your true potential.

Discover yourself and the life that comes
with it.

 We are all individuals with our own wants, needs and desires. As a personal development coach, I want to be the catalyst that helps you make positive changes in your life. I want to be by your side – whether it be to brainstorm a new business, practice your public speaking skills or figure out what you need to feel happy and fulfilled. The best part of coaching is that it is completely customized to YOU and what you need. 


My Happy Clients!

While I had an idea of some general things I was struggling with, Sarah really helped me hone in on the source of those challenges and provided valuable recommendations that helped me work through those challenges. I’m a better person because of Sarah. She was meant to be a life coach. Plus she’s absolutely fantastic, so even if you’re not looking for a life coach, I encourage you to lean in. Sarah can help more than you likely realize.
Karin Wagner

Complimentary Session

Your first session is free! We’ve meet one-on-one, get to know each other and see if this is a good fit.

Happy Place Duality

If someone asked me where my happy place was, my response (without much thought) would be “the beach”. I grew up on the North Shore

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