About Me

My purpose in life is to support and lift others so they can discover how to have a meaningful and inspiring life. For me, that includes living authentically, finding joy and leaning on a community. Chances are your list will look a lot different than mine and that is perfectly okay! We are all individuals with our own wants, needs and desires. As a personal development coach, I want to be the catalyst that helps you make positive changes in your life. I want to be by your side – whether it be to brainstorm a new business, practice your public speaking skills or figure out what you need to feel happy and fulfilled. The best part of coaching is that it is completely customized to YOU and what you need. For more information about who I am and the services I offer, please read below.

public speaker/panelist

Sarah has recently been a featured panelist and speaker for Kahilla, a women-led organization. Her talk was on "What is a Life Well Lived?"


I have been part of the Big Brother Big Sister for over two years. My goal is to help young woman learn the skills they need to succeed.


I love reading books and articles on the social sciences and what makes us tick. This research allows me to offer my clients the most up-to-date information on personal development.

For me life is well lived when I am connected to my values: joy, community, and authenticity

Sarah Charland
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